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Jewelry Cleaner and Polishing Cloths
PRECIOUS Jewelry Cleaner cleans jewelry, silver flatware, gems, musical instruments and all precious metal items.

These are the same PRECIOUS Jewelry Cleaner products you have seen for over 21 years on QVC.

Use PRECIOUS Cleaner to literally spray away years of tarnish in seconds.  This is the fastest, easiest way to:
  • Clean fine jewelry
  • Polish precious flatwareThis musical instrument was cleaned in 2 minutes with PRECIOUS
  • Restore silver tea sets
  • Bring new sparkle to precious and semi precious stones
  • Bring musical instruments concert-quality gleam
  • Make any silver, gold, platinum or brass items shine like new.
AND PRECIOUS spray cleaner works without vibrating your precious gem settings loose, without soaking your delicate jewelry in dirty cleaning solution.  There is no preparation and no clean up!

PRECIOUS spray cleaner penetrates the tightest crevasses easily.  Just watch this video. 

Double click on the image below to start the video:

Be sure to try PRECIOUS Polishing Cloths.  PRECIOUS Polishing Cloths will rub tarnish away in no time at all.

We have sold these extraordinary PRECIOUS Jewelry Cleaner products on the most famous television shopping network for over 21 years. Thousands of satisfied users rely on PRECIOUS Jewelry Cleaner and PRECIOUS Polishing Cloths to keep all their valuable metal items clean and sparkling!
Note:  PRECIOUS Jewelry Cleaner should not be used on costume jewelry or on plated jewelry items.
Instructions for using PRECIOUS Jewelry and precious metal cleaner:

  1. Spray PRECIOUS Cleaner directly onto the item that is to be cleaned. **
  2. Let PRECIOUS Cleaner work for 10 seconds.
  3. If your item has deep crevasses you may want to use a soft toothbrush to gently work the cleaner into the deeper recesses.
  4. Immediately rinse your item under cool water.
  5. Dry your item with any soft towel.
  6. Use a PRECIOUS Cleaning Cloth to provide your precious metal item with a final high gloss.
**Note:  Some silver objects (such as flatware) are treated with an oxidizer to provide depth to the designs.  When using PRECIOUS Cleaner on oxidized designs, spray the cleaner onto a soft, lint-free cloth first.  Use the cloth to clean the item.  Proceed from step 4 above.
Instructions for using PRECIOUS Polishing Cloths to clean any silver, platinum, nickel, gold, copper or brass item:
  1. Use the white flannel inner cloth to remove tarnish. 
  2. Use the green flannel outer cloth to remove any residue and to provide that final high sheen.
  3. PRECIOUS Polishing Cloths are impregnated with special jewelers cleaning materials and will remain effective as long as they are not washed.